The creatures of creation creatively collected in the design of a shofar.
Zoomed in tree, with Hebrew letters
Zoomed in whale
Zoomed in Bereishis
Zoomed in Man and Woman, with Shabbos

Shofar of Creation

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Perhaps Esther’s most intricate work, this tasteful silhouette depicts the six days of creation, ending with the Hebrew word “Shabbos” The word “Bereishis”, flows into skies filled bolts of lightning, heralding the firming of the heavens.

The creation of the seas followed. Brooks, tributaries, ponds, and lakes flowed, ebbed, and gushed. Meandering streams joined with raging rivers, pooling, swirling, and running into the great oceans.

Vegetation sprouted upon the face of the newly created earth. Cacti and maple trees, tulips and poison ivy, untouched by any living creature, be it beast or man.

The splendor of the sun then shone upon the globe, the stars and moon in their nocturnal glory, the planets arrayed in their orbits, perfectly placed, balancing their precise paths against one another.

The seas and rivers were then filled with all manner of fish. Sea snails and eels found their way amongst the trout and angelfish. The oceans were teeming with starfish and dolphins, hammerhead sharks and seahorses.  

Song burst forth as birds took to the air, hummingbirds and sparrows darting across the azure sky, swans in their elegant pose, conversing with quacking ducks.

The forests, jungles and plains saw the creation of giraffes, lions, and deer. Goats and horses appeared, as did elephants and wildebeest.

Then Man and Woman came into being, the pinnacle of creation, reaching their arms heavenward, followed by the day of rest, “Shabbos”.

In Hebrew lettering, “Hayom Horas Olam,” “Today is the birth day of the universe.”

All giclées are sold unframed.

Pen and ink.

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