Jews from all nationalities and periods in history celebrating the Final Redemption.
Out of Exile
Out of Exile
Out of Exile
Out of Exile

Out of Exile

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In this inspiring and uplifting piece, Esther creates the ingathering of the exiles, where Jews from all times and places will finally converge on Jerusalem.

From the left, we see a medieval Jewish man, wearing the hat Jews were forced to wear, followed by a Spanish senorita wearing a traditional mantilla. Subtle flames are flickering from the lace and dress, the aftermath of an auto-de-fe.

Two concentration camp victims, freed from their persecution, determinedly step forward. A westernized family joins them, their three-year old daughter bringing her doll for the trip.

An elderly woman in a babushka is joined by a dancing Chassid. Jews from Afghanistan join those from China and India in the final redemption. A Dutch woman, a young Japanese girl, and an African gentleman bring up the rear.

All Jews, each one in their own fashion, sharing their faith through time and country, each one waiting and hoping, enduring the shame and insults, through the generations. And now exulting and celebrating in the ending of the Diaspora.

A wall of water rises, reminiscent of the crossing of the Reed Sea, our first redemption, from the land of Egypt.

In Hebrew lettering, “M’Arbah Kanfos Ha’Aretz,” “From the four corners of the Earth.”

All giclées are sold unframed.

Pen and ink.

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