For over 25 years, Esther has been turning her passion for art into passionate art, creating beautiful pen and ink, and watercolor Judaica pictures, perfect for all occasions. Esther focuses much of her work on Jewish themes, incorporating holidays, life events, and inspirational scenes in her compositions. Whether you’re looking for a painting or drawing to decorate your home or to give as a gift to a friend or family member, Esther’s beautifully original work is the perfect addition to any home.

With the right painting, you can turn a mundane lobby into a tasteful foyer, and a stale living room into an elegant parlor. With culture and class, you can add a beautiful conversation piece to your life, without breaking the bank.

Some people use art to express their individuality. Esther’s gallery ranges across all Jewish themes, and uses various mediums, so everyone will find something for them and their home.

Others use art to stimulate conversation, or create thought provoking debate. Esther incorporates subtle concepts and whole stories in her work, and any first glance must be followed by deeper look.

Whatever your motivation, transform your home or office today by adding a classic and creative piece of art to your collection. It will enliven, inspire, and impress yourself, your family, and your guests.

"I draw emotionally, I paint emotionally. The ideas that flow through my mind are fed by a piece of music, an interaction, a ceremony, or a point in history. How I react to these events plays out in my artwork. The question then is, do I use pen and ink to capture a moment in time in simplicity or do I use watercolor to let the vents flow and tell a story. Because that’s what I do – I’m a storyteller. The excitement for me is when the viewer adds their story. What do they see? How do they explain the art piece? What is happening, or perhaps happened? That makes me feel that I accomplished what I set out to do. To tell a story, and hear a continuation, or better yet, a different story.

I hope that you enjoy this art, pieces of my emotions. What will your story be?"

- Esther Zions