A rendering of a menorah, with many aspects of the Chanukah story hidden in the painting.
The Menorah
The Menorah
The Menorah
The Menorah

The Menorah

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Drawing on a wide variety of traditional sources, Esther has blended the inspiring story of Chanukah into a beautiful work of art. This elegant and intricate painting will enhance the wall, home, and conversation of its owner.

Woven into "The Menorah", one can readily see Matisyahu and his five sons. Behind them, a Torah scroll is open, with the atzei chaim ending in pointed spears.

To the right, Eliezer Maccabee is immortalized in his struggle and eventual death by the Greek elephant. To the left of the Maccabees, the heroine Yehudis is holding the head of Holefernes, the Greek general.

Beneath the Maccabees, one can make out the images of a distant battlefield, on the one side are the Jews, holding a Torah, and banner reading “Mi L’Hashem Eilei” and on the other side are the Greeks, their banner, in Greek, spelling out “Greece” and in Hebrew spelling out “Yavan”

Beneath them is a Magen David, the various colors symbolizing the breastplate of Matisyahu, the Kohen Gadol.

To the left of the Magen David, the poignant scene of Channah and her seven sons, is apparent, the eight of them refusing to bow to the King Antiouchus, with the youngest son pointing up towards the flaming Daled, a symbol of Hashem.

Towards the bottom of the watercolor, hidden amongst the brushstrokes, is the ‘pach shemen’ the flask of pure olive oil.

As is often the case, there are more hidden aspects included in this work, which the discerning purveyor will discover.

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