A grandfather and grandson taking a stroll.


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Tradition plays a leading role in the formation of Jewish society. From time honored rituals to daily routines, we have learned from our parents, and them from their parents, back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

 Jewish tradition connects us to our heritage, our culture, and our G-d. In this touching scene, one can almost hear the footsteps on the cobblestones, the horse-drawn carriages of an aged European shtetl, and the calls of the water-carriers, shoe-makers, and peddlers.

Or perhaps the setting is New York City, where one would hear the blare of a car horn, a cry of “Taxi!” and the purr of a car engine.

Yet all this fades into oblivion, as a grandfather and grandchild enjoy the moment, a serene walk with simply the two of them, connecting, bonding, in that chain of tradition.

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Pen and ink.

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